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Rockstone Sound - History

The Foundation - From Country

Rockstone Sound began in the summer of 1999 when Ecki, Hi-Dee and JR formed a DJ crew and started to play reggae and dancehall music to the people around. On several vacation trips to Jamaica, they had fallen in love with Reggae and Dancehall music and were deeply impressed by its grassroots protagonists, the Jamaican sound systems. These travels had also brought huge piles of reggae records which laid the foundation of an ever since growing collection. The records soon found their way to the turntables when Hi-Dee and JR played on local dances and home parties, with Ecki chatting on the mic in the style and fashion of the Jamaican sound system culture.

Rockstone Sound (initially named Fat Kat Sound) started to hold dances in East German towns like Halle, Jena and Magdeburg. They were the first DJ crew to play hardcore reggae and dancehall in the area. With a wicked selection that covered all types of Jamaican music, foundation classics to hot new dancehall hits, Rockstone introduced this music to many people and rocked crowds on countless sessions. It was at that time that Rockstone started to record own dubplates, customized exclusive songs by Reggae and Dancehall artists.

The Infamous - Rockstone Disco

Rockstone aired their own radio show called Rockstone Soundstation from 2001 (awarded with the Radio Corax Award) to 2007, twice a month on Radio Corax 95.9 FM. In 2004 and 2005 Rockstone proved themselves in competitions with other sound systems from all parts of Germany: They took part in two 45 soundclashes (a competition with the main rule that no dubplates are allowed, but only “regular” tunes) in Leipzig and carried 2 trophies home.

Monthly regulars were held in different cities all over East Germany such as “Hands Up Club” in Klub Luise, Magdeburg, “Bashy Bashy Fridays” in Volkspark, Halle or “Pull Up Club” in Uma Carlson, Jena. Rockstone further played on dances in Prague, Berlin or Dresden and served fans of dancehall music almost every weekend.

In 2007, Dave joined the crew as MC. He brought with him stage experience as a singer of the ragga latina band Sazón. Dave was also riddim producer and the rapping part of artist-duo Buzzdrive. Rockstone became a brand name known for rocking every crowd, played major dances all over Germany and made appearances at international known shows like the Splash! Festival or the official FIFA World Cup Fan-Fest.

10th Anniversary - Rockstone International

Ten years after founding, in summer 2009, Rockstone started a transatlantic sound system joint venture known as Rockstone International with crews in the US, Jamaica and Germany. A true international movement on the “Big Stone”! Since then Rockstone International joined forces to build a massive dubplate collection containing the “Who is Who” of the reggae and dancehall world.

Later in 2010, DJ Sensay joined as the youngest recruit. As a DJ, he focused on brand new dancehall tunes and R’n’B, had his own podcast radio show “iSwagga” on and produced remixes. DJ Sensay left in 2012 to become one of the most renowned dubplate mastering wizards in Germany.

A New Chapter - Keep The Fire Burning

A new chapter began, at the end of 2012, when two of the founding members, JR and Hi-Dee, gave up their selector jobs on Rockstone and Dave changed to the role of a silent advisor. Due to their longtime merits, they will always be associated as honorary members. Ecki kept up the flag as a one-man-show and continued to please various crowds in Jena, Halle, Chemnitz, Magdeburg or Leipzig to let them experience the spirit of the infamous Rockstone disco.

Select-A-Yeti, Inspectah K and Xander, who all were independent selectors started to keep the fire burning and joined Rockstone in 2017. At the time Rockstone kept a regular dance called “Sweaty! Sweaty!” in Magdeburg and is booked in various cities to nice up the place.

20th Anniversary - Good Vibes Galore

In 2019, Rockstone celebrated an epic anniversary, marking a proud 20 years in the business. Rockstone is an integral part of Dancehall culture, with a history full of groundbreaking dances and unforgettable moments.

The following year, 2020, when the world was shaken by the Corona pandemic, Rockstone once again proved to be a trailblazer. As co-organiser, host and resident DJ, the team helped shape the groundbreaking "Summer of Soca" event series, which brought together the global "who is who" of the Soca and Dancehall scene. Despite the challenges of this difficult global time, Rockstone stayed true to its roots by celebrating the powerful and unifying force of music, and as co-organisers united the global Caribbean community on Zoom and pushed the boundaries of Caribbean culture. "Summer of Soca" was a truly global innovation that has often been copied but remains unrivalled.

Radio - Let The Music Play

Ecki has embarked on a new venture by restarting Rockstone Radio dedicated to Reggae, Dancehall, and Soca in 2023. Rockstone Radio is a platform for entertaining and informing listeners about the rich heritage and diverse components of Dancehall culture.

Rockstone - Influence and Legacy

A pioneer for the spread of Reggae and Dancehall in East Germany. A Trailblazer for younger sounds and Dancehall fanatics. A champion of authentic Dancehall culture.

The Crew - Solid as a Rock

Honorary members: